Growing up in the melting pot neighborhood of Sharpstown – Houston TX, I didn’t realize what I was experiencing. Houston was always just a back drop to my life. As I got older, and rented my own place in the Montrose at 19, I began seeing the beauty – in it’s architecture, in it’s diversity and in it’s people. One of my mentors, Evin Thayer, would say “Houston’s greatest asset is it’s people”. I started to realize the truth of that statement as I assisted Evin in the photography of his book “Houston’s Millennium Makers” 

As I have grown both in life and in my craft, I have come to love Houston for the good living it has given me. As an architectural photographer, I am drawn to it’s skyline and land marks like a magnent – most of my out of town friends agree, we have one of the most gorgeous city scapes. 




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My studio is the world. To be exact, it is literally any space or community that needs to be showcased. From a multi family complex in Baytown to an vintage bungalo in West University, I feel at home shooting architecture – even when it’s not so beautifully designed. My other life is the owner of Starlight Giclee. What is Giclee? I wrote a blog about it here. I capture and print high quality copies of artist’s original work for sale at market. This process has found a wonderful home, in the “Studio Gallery” as I like to call it. You can find out more about Starlight Giclee by clicking here.